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Tohoku Projects Map

The Tohoku Project Map shows the location of important reconstruction projects as well as the bases of organisations that are providing community services in the disaster hit areas of northern Japan

About this Map

The Tohoku Project Map is a collaborative tool that shows the locations of significant reconstruction projects as well as the bases of organisations that provide important community development services.

The map is an ever growing platform that seeks to facilitates mutual learning between grass-root's initiatives, academia and practitioners. It seeks to empower communities and increase social resilience and sustainability in the face of perpetual demographic, environmental, social and economic change.

In short, the Tohoku Project Map indicates which individuals or organisations are doing what, where, and how to help (re)building livable, adaptable, diverse, and inclusive (post-disaster) communities in Tohoku.

In a later phase the map will also include similar projects in all of peripheral Japan.


The Tohoku Project Map is an ever evolving representation of spatially relevant innovative projects and initiatives. This mapping project is based on 100% volunteer work, is completely not-for-profit in nature, and solely devoted to the support of post-disaster communities in Tohoku.

Should there be any factual mistakes in the project descriptions, or problems regarding the copyright of the images used here, please contact us under the following email address:


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